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Freedombone version 3

Among the tasks on my list for this year was to get Freedombone onto the new Debian stable version (Stretch) and to add more internet apps to make it the most comprehensive self-hosting system. Stretch was released last month and now with the third version of Freedombone that has been achieved.

The main differences between Debian Jessie and Stretch were described in the previous blog post. For the version numbers I'm sticking to having the major version number correspond to the Debian version, so 2.x corresponds to Jessie and 3.x will correspond to Stretch.

As usual the Freedombone system comprises of entirely Free Software and the non-free repos are removed by default. If you find anything which is non-free then add an issue and it will be dealt with.

An app which didn't make it into this release is Mastodon. Mastodon gained an unexpected amount of popularity earlier in the year, but from a self-hosting point of view it requires too much RAM and CPU power to be hostable on a single board computer. So it's unlikely that Mastodon will be included, but there is another new fediverse system called Pleroma which might be a lot more efficient.

The prospects for self-hosting are improving all the time, and conditions within the big centralized systems such as Twitter and Facebook are becoming increasingly unpleasant or uninhabitable. Those systems have the numbers, but are usually dominated by the shallow search for fame and the noise of advertising.