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Mesh Collaboration

Another recent addition to the Freedombone mesh system is CryptPad. If you're not already familiar with it CryptPad is similar to EtherPad but with more document types such as presentations, votes/polls and whiteboard. Although it's not strictly a peer-to-peer app its server component is quite minimalistic, so just installing it on every peer means that you can do peer-to-peer editing of documents between small groups of users.

Like EtherPad and other proprietary collaborative editing systems just copying and pasting the URL for the document into a chat session is enough to enable other users on the mesh to be able to join in.


So this could be quite good for things such as TODO lists or keeping inventories of things in a way which can be quickly altered as conditions change. Maybe it could be used to brainstorm some ideas at a conference or hackfest or festival even if the local wifi connection is lousy or non-existent.

One thing to watch out for is that when you first select the CryptPad icon it will take a few seconds to generate keys and load the app. So if the browser window appears blank for a while then don't be alarmed. Just wait for it to load.

Another point is that this won't work over the internet if one peer is ethernet connected to an internet router, and that's because the domain names used are local ones. It likely will work in situations where meshes are VPN connected together though, since doing that creates what is effectively one large local mesh.

As usual images and source code are available for download with installation instructions here. If you're installing from an image the TL;DR is to download a meshclient image and dd it onto a USB drive at least 8GB in size. Plug in and boot from USB.