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Social on the mesh

Until recently what the mesh version of Freedombone lacked was something like a social network system. qTox has something resembling a stream of posts, but it's not intended for longer form writing and it also expects participants to be present on the network simultaneously. The blogging system is ok for that purpose, but it's not easy to follow the blogs of other mesh peers in the style of an RSS feed.

A new app called Patchwork has been added which fills the gap between being a blog and a real-time chat system. Patchwork is based on the Secure Scuttlebutt protocol, and is well suited to running on a mesh since it doesn't need any server, peers on the network can find each other automatically and it's tollerant of intermittent connectivity where the sender and receivers might not be online at the same time. It also has a reasonable level of security.


The Freedombone mesh is an autonomous network system which doesn't depend upon the internet and can be used to provide a local communications system. More details about it can be found here.