Your Data. Your Server. Your Place.

Freedombone is a home server system which enables you to run your own internet services, individually or as a household. It includes all of the things you'd expect such as email, chat, VoIP, web sites, wikis, blogs, social networks, media hosting and more. You can run Freedombone on an old laptop or single board computer. No ads and no built-in spying.

More Themes

With the new Epicyon fonts capability a few new themes have been created.

The Blue theme has a large handwriting font, and is very blue.

Epicyon blue theme

The LCD theme somewhat resembles an LCD screen, with a font reminiscent of that of the Sinclair Spectrum from the 1980s.

Epicyon LCD theme

The Zen theme is designed to reduce stress, with its simple earthy colors and modest font keeping you grounded and serene as the flamewars pass by.

Epicyon Zen theme