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Trusting the Web of Trust

There have been a few more additions to the Freedombone system, which are as follows:

OpenPGP Key Server

If you're one of those rare people who have used GPG on the command line then you'll know what a keyserver is. It stores GPG public keys so that other users can look them up and then communicate securely via email or sign packages. Keyservers are pretty old security infrastructure but they're still quite critical to the background operation of the internet and computer systems generally.

There might be conditions under which you don't trust the existing keyservers and want to run your own. The new keyserver app on Freedombone enables you to do that. More details can be found here.


Whenever I've encountered kanban systems in the past they've always been part of industrial manufacturing systems. But really a kanban is just a simple type of TODO list or task manager, so they can be used for personal stuff too.

Wekan seems to be one of the nicest looking kanban systems, but unfortunately you can't install it on ARM servers because it's based upon Meteor which won't install on ARM. So instead I went for what looks to be the second most popular, which is KanBoard.

KanBoard is quite basic looking, but has a lot of features and is also usable on small mobile screens. There is an Android app available, but it looks like very early pre-alpha development and isn't usable.

Ghost 1.1

Ghost is one of the most popular blogging systems currently available and the update to 1.x is a major one which breaks things. If you have an existing Ghost install then the advice is to export your blog from the "Labs" section, take a copy of the content subdirectory and then uninstall the existing Ghost app, make sure your Freedombone system is updated (under check for updates on the administrator control panel) and then re-install, import your blog from the "Labs" section and manually copy the contents of your old content/images over to the new directory with the same name.

Yes, doing all that is a pain, but from 1.0 onwards upgrades should be a lot easier.